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. . . . and without dreams is like not having lived, Alfredo Biagini aka "Bottega" Tuscan artist, was born here and here he works.
Form from an early age his creativity by experimenting in different sectors to get even figurative art by self-taught.
It begins with the study of the landscape from life and developing their skills over the years along a route that takes him to a modern impressionism.
The evolution of his work introduced him to the study of the figure, especially the female, not as an expression of aesthetic end in itself but as a message of the current status.
In color and movement expresses its work, its naked dancers or sometimes just mentioned as in "Metamorphosis" leave it to the imagination of the observer space to dream freely.
He exhibited mainly in Italy to Florence, Siena and Bologna as well as abroad in France, England and overseas in the United States, his works are part of private and public collections.

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Art studio in Lungomonte street, 143 Santa Maria a Monte 56020 - Pisa - Italy          Mail   ilbottega@yahoo.it

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